Conference Agenda With Available Presentations Now Available for Review


Key Conference Presenters

Steve Joachim, Chairman, IFIE and Executive Vice President, FINRA, United States

Greg Tanzer, Secretary General, IOSCO

Dr. Ahmed Saad Abdel-Latif, Chief Advisor, Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, and Chairman, IFIE-MENA

Tony Hobman, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Financial Education Body, United Kingdom

Ies Robles, Director for Public Debt Management, Mexico City

Sujatha Sekhar Naik, Deputy General Manager, Securities Commission of Malaysia

Commissioner M S Sahoo, Securities and Exchange Board of India

Kun Ho Hwang, Chairman, KOFIA, KCIE and AFIE, Korea

John Gannon, President, FINRA Investor Education Foundation, United States

Bert Chanetsa, Deputy Executive Officer, Investment Institutions, Financial Services Board of South Africa

THANK YOU for being a part of the third Joint Investor Education Conference of the International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). This event held 8-9 November 2010 in Cairo is hosted by the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority.

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This will be an unique opportunity to learn from and network with the world's leading experts on investor education.


Conference Agenda Topics

Perceptions of Investor/Financial Education as Key to Rebuilding Trust

Impact of Innovative and Effective Programmes that Build Trust

Media as Partners in Extending Reach and Awareness for Investor education

IFIE Regional Subcommittee Meetings

Innovative Techniques for Delivering/Evaluating Programmes