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In order to promote investor education around the world, the International Forum for Investor Education encourages the development and promotion of Regional Chapters. IFIE has helped to organize three Global-Regional chapters to date and is actively encouraging the promotion of other such groups around the globe.

IFIE Americas Chapter

The IFIE-Americas Chapter was formed in 2011 to strengthen, share and leverage resources available to organizations involved in financial capability and investor education initiatives within and across the Americas.

Members of the IFIE-Americas Chapter are creating a work plan to address priority interests such as the development of initiatives and materials to strengthen investor education for investing in foreign exchange.

Although much of our work will be by teleconference and electronic mail, we will schedule face-to-face meetings around other related regional meetings and conferences whenever possible.

The IFIE Americas Chapter members are also members of the IFIE global network, working on priority issues and needs of the Americas while benefitting from the resources, programming and experience of IFIE global networks, partners and other global-regional chapters.

¡Bienvenido al sitio web del Foro Internacional de Educaci ón para Inversionistas (IFIE) – Divisi ón de las Am éricas!

La División de las Am éricas del Ifie fue formada en 2011 con el objeto de fortalecer, compartir e impulsar recursos disponibles a organizaciones participantes en iniciativas de capacidad financiera y educación para inversionistas en Am érica.

Los miembros de la División de las Américas están creando un plan de trabajo para tratar los intereses prioritarios tales como el desarrollo de iniciativas y materiales para fortalecer la educación para inversionistas para invertir en Forex.

Aunque gran parte de nuestro trabajo se realizará por teleconferencia y correo electrónico, programaremos reuniones personales alrededor de otras reuniones y conferencias regionales cuando sea posible.

Los miembros de la División también son miembros de la red global IFIE, trabajando en temas y necesidades prioritarios de América al mismo tiempo que se benefician de los recursos, programación y experiencia de las redes globales, socios y otros capítulos globales-regionales de IFIE.

IFIE/Asia Chapter

Investor education is becoming ever more important to build investor confidence in today's environment where financial innovation is bringing about an ongoing stream of new products and services. It is also essential to promote effective asset management with intensifying uncertainties in the global financial markets, shifting paradigms, and increasing life expectancy.

A rigorous, well-organized financial education system enables consumers and investors to make informed decisions about financial products and investments and take control of their financial future.

Established in 2010 as a regional chapter of the International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE) – an international alliance of private and public sector providers of investor education, the IFIE/Asia Chapter aims to improve investor education in the Asia-Pacific region through enhanced international cooperation and information exchange.

The IFIE/Asia Chapter is committed ensuring a sound investment culture with strong investor protection is instilled throughout the region by promoting investor education and the development of the region's capital markets. To this end, the IFIE/Asia Chapter will serve as a channel for discussion on a wide range of investor education topics and issues facing the region's financial markets.


IFIE is creating a series of Global-Regional Chapters that are fully part of the IFIE organization and are designed to discuss and address common investor education issues on a regional basis. The Middle East North Africa (MENA) chapter is one of these.

All members of the IFIE MENA chapter must be members of IFIE in good standing. They must abide by the IFIE Charter, Policies and Procedures and Code of Practice. They must be current in the dues payments and other financial obligations to IFIE.

The IFIE MENA Chapter has the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) serve as its Secretariat. The Secretariat will be accountable for, among other things, organizing meetings and activities of the Chapter.

Regional Chapter Activities