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About ANMI

“The Association of National Exchange Members of India (ANMI) is a national body established in the year 1996 consisting of trading members from all the major National Exchanges of India. ANMI articulates the interests of its members and of the Capital & Derivatives Markets in India with the Government, the Regulator - The Securities and Exchange Board of India and the Stock Exchanges, to assist in the development of the trade policies and legislative environment. ANMI also liaises with various International Counterpart to promote an understanding of regulatory framework and trade practices across borders.

ANMI believes that maintaining the systemic Integrity of the market is a crucial success factor to enhance the level of market acceptance of ANMI as a trade body, thus creating a long-term value for its members. ANMI advocates firm regulation as it inspires confidence among all classes of investors; simultaneously ANMI seeks elasticity of markets to reach their full potential.

ANMI believes that efficient financial markets are the main attraction for development of Trade, Industry and Infrastructure, generation of employment and increased revenue to the Nation. There is no doubt that the Capital Market is the fulcrum of any monetary system. Savings and Capital formation is the Key to growth which transforms and results in creating further wealth.

ANMI provides a healthy platform to its members to regularly interact with each other, aids them to identify and understand the problems/difficulties/issues being faced by them/investors/financial fraternity from time to time. It provides an opportunity to its members to voice their opinion on various procedures, policies, rules & regulations pertaining to operations of broking business. It regularly conducts Educational/ Training/Awareness Seminars/ Workshops and programs for the benefit of its members/investors/Financial fraternity/ Intermediaries all over the Country.”