Leadership Profiles - ANBIMA


Jose Carlos H. Doherty
Jose Carlos H. Doherty

Jose Carlos H. Doherty
CEO, Associação Brasileira das Entidades dos Mercados Financeiro e de Capitais (ANBIMA);
Chairman, SROCC (Self-Regulatory Organization Consultative Committee) of IOSCO;
Member, IFIE Advisory Board

Ana Leoni
Ana Leoni

Ana Leoni (bio)
Secretary-Treasurer, International Forum for Investor Education;
Head of Education, ANBIMA

Joint Interview with Jose Carlos Doherty and Ana Leoni

1. How did you get involved with the organization?

    As a result of our self-regulating activities, we took part in some forums that discussed the issue, such as IOSCO's and COSRA's. It was through these that we found out about IFIE's initiatives.

2. For Doherty: How do you see the FC/IE agenda fitting into the vision you have for ANBIMA? (For Ana et al: How does the Financial Capability and Investor Education agenda fit into your work)?

    Education is one of ANBIMA's strategic pillars and we recently created a specific area to coordinate our activities in this area: certification of market professionals, investor education and training programs for those working in the Brazilian capital market. Our agenda is geared towards promoting initiatives with our associates, sharing with them the knowledge acquired by ANBIMA, as well as activities directly targeting investors. We also want to raise professionals' awareness of their role and their importance in helping investors to save more and invest better.

3. Why did ANBIMA decide to join IFIE? What roles does ANBIMA/do you think IFIE can play in strengthening ANBIMA's FC/IE work/goals/objectives?

    We believe that the development of the capital market is based, among other things, on promoting transparency and providing investors with information. The IFIE is an important forum for exchanging experience on financial capability strategies for investors, through which we can talk to and learn from various other countries.

4. ANBIMA was recently elected to IFIE's Board. Tell us more about your leadership vision for the IFIE, its mission and activities.

    It is an honor for ANBIMA to be part of IFIE's Board. Without question, we have a lot to learn and we also hope to contribute with our own experience in Brazil. There are many challenges, one of the main ones being to develop an understanding of the investors' universe, their behavior, expectations and needs and use this knowledge to build initiatives geared towards them. It is also crucial to train market professionals within this same context.

5. In addition to your leadership at IFIE, you and your organization have been deeply involved with IOSCO's SROCC and other leadership efforts to educate and protect investors. What is your vision for the best ways IFIE can help organizations like ANBIMA bring different sectors together within and across jurisdictions?

    Having access to what is being discussed abroad is a major benefit for us. In certain areas, there are virtually no frontiers anymore, so being connected to what other countries are doing in these areas is essential and IFIE is the ideal forum for this.

6. ANBIMA has also contributed significantly to the building of the newest IFIE global-regional Chapter, IFIE Americas. ANBIMA serves as Chair of this Chapter. What is your vision and priority goals for the work of the IFIE Americas Chapter? What is your sense of the value of IFIE's global-regional chapters and networks?

    The region is made up of countries with widely differing levels of maturity. Some are already experienced in educating and training investors, while others are just beginning to create their own local markets. The challenge is to teach and learn. We need to create tools that allow the Americas Chapter countries to exchange information and experience on their approach strategies, education programs and means of financing. Our first step is to implement a B2B approach, before moving on to B2C.

7. What is your priority "to do" list for ANBIMA's FC/IE work over the next two years? What priority goals do you hope IFIE accomplishes over the next two years?

    In addition to our direct actions with investors, we are dedicating part of our initiatives to making Brazilian players aware that they also have to invest in educating their clients. The main topic we have been working on with this group is communication. Ensuring more fluid and less technical communication will go a long way towards improving investors' understanding.