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Investing for Your Dreams

It is never too early for children to learn about the value of money and finance. As what we learn in our formative years affects the rest of our lives, childhood financial education can reward us in several important ways. Developing a healthy attitude toward money at an early age lays the foundation for effective and responsible financial management later in life. Providing a solid, well-organized financial education program for children is also critical for the future of our nation's economy. There is no doubt that financially literate youth will become a powerful force driving our economy forward in this highly competitive global community.

As the leading agency for financial education in Korea, the Korea Council for Investor Education (KCIE) has taken the initiative to provide a wide range of financial literacy programs, not only for general investors but also for children and teenagers. As part of this effort, the KCIE has published, based on its extensive experience and expertise in investor education, an English version of Investing for Your Dreams, a set of financial education materials consisting of a teacher's guidebook and a student's textbook. Investing for Your Dreams primarily aims to help children increase their understanding of finance and the economy. In particular, it features illustrated explanations of the basic concepts of money management with each section ending with a practical exercise where students can practice what they have learned. It also comes with a CD-ROM containing flash animation to help guide the students through the exercises. In addition, the KCIE has developed an online interactive companion course for Investing for Your Dreams. Please click on the link below for the Investing for Your Dreams Package.

The KCIE remains committed to improving investor education throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. As such, we hope that this multimedia education content will serve as a useful guide to help the young minds of the world enhance their financial capabilities to earn, budget, save and manage their money.