Membership Criteria

IFIE is a non-incorporated entity composed of private sector organizations that provide and/or support investor education in their home jurisdictions. IFIE members may belong to one of three membership categories: (1) Full Members, who have full voting rights; (2) Observers, who do not have voting rights; and (3) Umbrella Organizations, whose members have a right to join IFIE. Full members are defined as organizations, associations or educators, both non profit and commercial with a mandate for or an active interest in investor education. Primary market regulators with a mandate for (or an active interest in) investor education that share commitment to the mission of IFIE may or may not choose to be voting members of IFIE. Observers are organizations – such as some non-voting primary regulators – with an incidental interest in investor education or a limited ability financial or otherwise to participate in IFIE. Observers cannot vote but have all other rights to participate. Umbrella Organizations represent organizations that would otherwise qualify as full members, providing them the right to become full members at a discounted fee. The Umbrella Organization, itself, cannot vote but may attend conferences and participate in member events at member rates.