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Why Join IFIE?

Investor education is more important today than it ever has been.

Those of us who care so much about investor education can never remind people enough of who we are and why we work so hard to improve the state of investor education around the world.

Here is what IFIE is all about and why you should join us ...

What Does IFIE and Its Membership Do?

Formed in 2005 to improve investor education on a worldwide basis so that individuals in all jurisdictions are able to make informed choices about financial products and investments, IFIE's mission is of critical importance in this period of global efforts to rebuild and restore trust in capital markets. A group of global leaders and practitioners, IFIE's government, regulatory, private and non-profit organisations work together to recommend and share best practices in investor education across jurisdictions.

IFIE members have opportunities to share expertise in this pioneering effort to strengthen the quality and impact of investor education programmes around the world. IFIE's rapid growth also allows members to develop additional relationships and linkages; share best strategies, practice and implementation; receive e-newsletters and attend webinars; help their investor education professionals develop knowledge and skills; find ways to organize to provide investor education programmes across global-regional jurisdictions and develop capacity to target particular groups of investors such as elders, young people or women.

  • IFIE organises regional subcommittees of members that share common concerns, needs and market conditions such as in Asia and Middle East/North Africa.
  • IFIE's website——is a clearinghouse of information, resources and expertise on different facets of investor education strategies, programmes and practices.
  • IFIE and IOSCO partner each year to present a global conference on critical issues in investor education. See more on the annual IFIE-IOSCO global conference here.
  • Each year, IFIE produces an annual global survey of investor education providers, both members and non-members, providing special insight on trends for IFIE members.
  • IFIE also presents an expanded array of programmes including forums, webinars, e-newsletters and special briefings on opportunities, challenges and lessons learned in critical issues facing organisation, development, delivery, expansion, replication and evaluation of investor education programmes and activities world wide.

Highlights of IFIE Membership Benefits Include

  • Significant registration discounts at its global conferences.
  • Access to best practices webinars, briefings, special programmes and members-only password-protected section of the website.
  • Access to more in depth information from the annual global investor education programme survey.
  • Networking events and facilities that bring together investor education leaders to share ideas and experiences.
  • Opportunity to help shape global investor education efforts , share global regional programmes and activities and help build a great global organization.

The value of IFIE Membership is growing every day. But no benefit is more important than the opportunity to shape our organization and make it more effective. As a young organization, there are no barriers to idea generation and creating changes…in fact, we want to facilitate that. We are working together to make great contributions to investor education while we building a great organization. We hope you will make the commitment to participate.

See About IFIE for more information about IFIE's Vision, Mission, Key Principles and Background.

IFIE is a non-incorporated entity composed of private sector organizations that provide and/or support investor education in their home jurisdictions. For a list of IFIE members, visit this page.