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Japan Securities Dealers Association—Institute for Securities Education & Public Relations (JSDA)


Japan Securities Dealers Association—Institute for Securities Education & Public Relations (JSDA)
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The Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) is a financial products business association granted authority by the Prime Minister under Article 67-2, Paragraph 2 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan. Its membership comprises regular members (securities companies), OTC derivative transaction members, and special members (banks and other financial institutions with securities businesses).

JSDA’s mission is to ensure that the securities trading and other transactions of its members are carried out fairly and smoothly and to promote the sound development of financial products industry, thereby contributing to the protection of investors.

Securities Knowledge Dissemination and Enlightenment and PR Activities of JSDA and Related Associations

The securities knowledge dissemination and enlightenment and public relations (PR) activities of JSDA have been conducted by the Institute for Securities Education & Public Relations. The institute is the implementation arm of the Financial and Securities Education and Public Relation Committee, an affiliated organ, of JSDA and carries out securities knowledge dissemination activities as well as collaborating with organizations participating in related projects.

  1. Dissemination and Enlightenment Activities for Schools
    1. Producing and distributing educational materials and an information magazine for schools (mainly middle and high schools)

      Jointly with the Tokyo Stock exchange group and other related bodies, JSDA produces and distributes educational materials for schools.

      • “Stock Market Game” is simulation software that enables students to learn about economics and the mechanisms of society through virtual trading of stocks.
      • “Let’s Experience First-Hand How Companies and Money Work” is hands-on educational material that let students learn about economics and finance by playing the roles of corporate executives, consumers, and investors.
      • “Investment Education Program” is worksheet-based material that helps students learn about the social role of investment within an economy.
      • “Securities Markets” is a beginner’s guide to securities markets published by JSDA. The guide is used as a textbook for securities related lectures at universities, a reference guide for high school teachers, and a beginner’s guide for general investors.
      • “Shoken Quest” is an educational website where students can learn basic knowledge about securities and finance.
      • “Rainbow News” is an information magazine for schools that contains teaching support materials, such as conversations with celebrities, explanation of economic terminology, school course reports by teachers, and articles about company visits. The magazine is published three times annually.
      In addition to these materials and publications, we also provide a variety of other materials, including educational videos.
    2. Events for Teachers and Education-Related People

      JSDA hosts a variety of events for social and civic studies teachers of middle and high school students.

      • “Internship for Educational Staff Program” includes lectures on the basics of securities, practical training with available educational materials, visits to stock exchanges, and other teaching support activities.
      • “Summer Seminar” offers useful information for school classes, such as the most recent trends and issues in the economy and the financial and capital markets.
      • “Financial and Economic Education Forum” presents lectures on the significance of financial and economic education and introduces case studies and other reports on the use of educational materials.
    3. Support for University Student Association

      JSDA provides financial and other support and information to the nationwide student association, “Japan National Federation of Securities Research Students”. This association’s members comprise university study groups that carry out research on securities.

  2. Securities Knowledge Dissemination and Enlightenment Activities for the General Public
    1. Events for the Public

      We designated October 4 as “Securities Investment Day” in 1996. Since then, JSDA has annually held “Commemorative Events for Securities Investment Day (October 4)” nationwide to expand the vision and financial literacy of individual investors. The events include lectures, presentations, and talk shows on such themes as economic and financial trends and financial planning.

      JSDA also runs “Securities Investment Seminar Program in the Spring” as well as other original events in regions throughout Japan.

    2. IR Seminars

      JSDA holds “Investor Relations (IR) Seminars” to support the IR activities of listed companies and to develop a sound individual investor base in the market. These seminars offer an explanation of business results by the executives of listed companies as well as an explanation of stock market outlooks by the securities analysts of the securities company that acted as the lead manager in the listing.

    3. Publications

      The association produces and distributes booklets for general investors.

      • “Securities Investment World—A Guide to Smart Investing” is a general investment guidebook containing explanations of representative financial products.
      • “Basic Stock Investment Knowledge” explains essential knowledge about stock investment and how to collect information and analyze it.
      • “Easy-to-Understand Investment Trust Guide” is produced jointly with The Investment Trust Association. The guide explains such areas as how investment trusts work, what to look for in a product or its prospectus, and the points to consider in choosing a product.
      • “Stylish Investment Life—A Guide for Women” introduces the concept of financial planning to achieve a more prosperous life in the future and the know how necessary to take the first steps in asset management.
    4. Securities Information Office

      To enable people to easily find information on their own on securities investment or the overall economy or financial markets, JSDA has established securities information offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. The securities information offices are used by a broad range of people including general investors, journalists, company research analysts, employees of securities or other financial services companies, and university students. The offices are also used for a wide variety of reasons, from the collection of investment information to doing research on companies for job searches.

    5. Nationwide Survey on Securities Investment

      Once every three years, JSDA conducts a nationwide survey on securities investment to obtain a better understanding of securities ownership by individuals and their awareness of securities investment. The results of the survey also are useful for the promotion of sound securities investment.

    6. Support for the NPO Investor Education Organization APROSIS

      The non-profit organization (NPO) Association for Promoting Securities Investment and Study (APROSIS) was established with the support of securities-related groups with JSDA taking the lead. APROSIS conducts a range of activities to support learning about securities or investments. Some of these activities include its Securities Counselor Placement System, which sends lecturers to speak about securities or investment at schools, meetings of groups of individuals or local circles; establishing and supporting the operations of individual investor investment clubs; and hosting “Fundamentals of Securities Investment” courses for people without investment experience or beginners.

  3. Public Relations Activities

    The related sections of JSDA cooperate in informing the industry and public when there has been a significant revision in a system or establishment of a system or some other important event. JSDA also carries out public relations (PR) activities to properly address the important issues of the industry.

    In addition, JSDA proactively utilizes the Internet to provide a wide range of information.

    • JSDA English language website
    • Institute for Securities Education & Public Relations (Japanese only)
    • Shoken Quest site (Japanese only)
    • NPO Association for Promoting Securities Investment and Study (APROPIS) (Japanese only)
    • Local securities company branch search site (Japanese only)

    Note: This website provides links to information on seminars, lectures, and other events hosted by securities companies throughout Japan.

    • e-104 Net (Japanese only)

    Note: This website provides information on seminars and other events and enables online application to participate in these events.

    • Investment education program (Japanese only)

    Note: A website offering easy-to-understand explanations to help investors learn about defined contribution pension plans.