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Core IFIE Activities

1. Providing Information on Trends and Resources for Investor Education

IFIE serves as a clearinghouse for trends and developments in investor education, including an extensive catalog of investor education programs and relevant research on financial and investor education. IFIE's website plays an important role in the dissemination of this information as an online learning platform. Among other information, IFIE's website contains:

  • An international listing of financial and investor education programs;
  • A section of research links with references to current research on financial and investor education and recent surveys on financial literacy;
  • Training materials for developing investor education programs;
  • Information on delivery systems and evaluation tools;
  • Information on investor education providers able to provide technical assistance.

2. Membership Meetings, Conferences and Training Seminars

Through participation in membership meetings, conferences and virtual working groups, IFIE members interact with and learn from practitioners involved in investor education from all parts of the globe. Participation in IFIE's activities helps IFIE members develop and improve the content, delivery methods and evaluation tools for their investor education programs, including those:

  • Targeted at specific demographics, such as linguistic and/or cultural minorities within their own jurisdictions; and
  • Intended to improve consumers' understanding of investment products and the investment process in external financial markets.

These activities should be of particular interest to organizations that are developing or planning to develop investor education programs, since they allow such organizations to interact with more established providers of investor education.

3. Establishing Standards and Best Practices for Investor Education

Since investor education is largely unregulated on a national and international basis, one of IFIE's key tasks is to develop and promulgate standards and best practices for investor education. To that end, IFIE members have developed a Code of Practice that is intended to serve as a global standard for investor education programs. Endorsement of the IFIE Code of Practice is a prerequisite for IFIE membership and is intended to indicate that the signatory is adhering to the highest standards of practice in its investor education programs. Only IFIE members will be able to display the IFIE Code of Practice on their websites and other materials. It is envisioned that IFIE will establish additional standards and best practices for investor education programs and providers of investor education going forward. IFIE's Code of Practice is available here.

4. Surveys

5. Webinars

Other IFIE Events