IFIE/Asia Chapter Face-to-Face Gathering
Adjacent to Asia Securities Forum Meeting
Sunday, 20 November 2016
Manila, The Philippines

  1. Welcomes -- IFIE Asia Chapter Chair (3-5 mins)

  2. IFIE Global Activity Report 2016-2017 and Current Issues and Trends in FC/IE Implementation Work Globally -- IFIE Executive Director (10 mins)

  3. IFIE Asia Chapter Activity Report 2016 -- IFIE Asia Business Plan 2017 overview and Attendee Discussion on Priorities (30 mins) --Facilitated by IFIE

    • Short summary/presentation highlighting priorities from last IFIE/Asia Member and Participant Survey conducted in and after the 2016 IFIE-IOSCO Global Investor Education Conference in Istanbul

  4. Practical Implementation Information Focused on FC/IE Needs of Young Adults: Aspects of Financial Capability Skill Building and of Engagement in Capital Markets--Presentation and Participant Discussion (30 mins)

  5. Participant Roundtable/Discussion of FC/IE Activities and Potential Updates, Challenges, Issues and Opportunities (45 mins)

    • Note: All participants are invited to share insights, raise issues and engage in shared problem-solving related to their individual jurisdictional and organizational FC/IE programmes, initiatives, and strategies. Some participants may also want to share short summaries of developments in their jurisdictions--presentations limited to 10 minutes Asia Chapter Chair

  6. Wrap up and Next Steps -- IFIE Asia Chapter Chair (5 mins)