20 November 2016

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of IFIE's global leadership, members and Board, I am pleased to welcome you to this gathering of members of the IFIE/Asia Chapter, meeting adjacent to the Asia Securities Forum meeting in Manila, Philippines.

I want to thank all of you for attending and particularly extend my gratitude for the work of the IFIE/Asia Chapter Advisory Leadership team and IFIE/Asia Chapter Chair (and IFIE Global Vice-Chair) Fumiaki Miyahara and his colleagues at JSDA. As the Chairman of IFIE's Global Board and a member of the IFIE/Asia Chapter leadership, I am pleased that we can bring a diverse and I hope thought provoking meeting to you today. At IFIE, our focus in on providing practical, tangible information, insights and initiatives that can support the implementation of your Financial Capability/Investor Education (FC/IE) programmes and strategies. Regional problem-solving networks like IFIE/Asia Chapter help members work together to solve regional challenges in the context of IFIE's global networks of expertise and activity which can support members efforts individually and collectively whether in a GEM or Advanced Market economy.

We have several of our newest IFIE members joining the conversation today and we thank you for your commitment and engagement. I also want to encourage any of you who are interested in joining IFIE to talk with Fumi Miyahara and IFIE's Executive Director Kathryn Edmundson who is joining you today as well.

I am sorry that pressing business kept me from joining you today, but I am looking forward to hearing reports of your discussions and insights. I hope to see you in person at the 2017 IFIE/Asia Chapter AGM on Sunday 4 June-and hope you will join us at the 2017 IFIE-IOSCO Global Investor Education Conference 4-6 June 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Once again, welcome to Manila, thank you for joining this IFIE gathering and I send best wishes for a productive and useful session this afternoon.

Best regards,

Alparslan Budak
Chairman, IFIE