Dear IFIE/Asia Chapter member and IFIE/Asia AGM Participant at the 18 May 2015 Meeting in Kuala Lumpur:

On 20 September 2015, from 15:40 to 17:40, IFIE/Asia Chapter will host a face to face gathering adjacent to the ASF Meeting at the Westin Chosun hotel in Seoul, Korea.

The Meeting Agenda is as follows:

15:40 – 16:40 -- Introductions, Briefings, and Participant Discussion

Welcome—Fumiaki Miyahara, Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) and IFIE/Asia Chapter Chair
Introductions—IFIE/Asia Chapter Advisory Leadership* and Participants
Overview of IFIE/Asia Chapter 2015-16 Plans and Activities—Programme Plans, Membership Activities and Opportunities for Engagement—Fumiaki Miyahara, IFIE/Asia Chapter Chair
Overview of IFIE Global 2015-16 Plans and Activities—Kathryn Edmundson, IFIE Secretariat Executive Director
Priorities and Challenges in Our Financial Capability/Investor Education Work Across Asia—Facilitated Discussion Among Attendees

16:40 – 17:40 – Lecture Presentation and Follow-Up Discussion Among Participants—Peter Chandler, FINRA Foundation "Investor Education: Adapting to a Changing World"

Moderator, Ms. Kathryn Edmundson, IFIE Secretariat

*IFIE/Asia Chapter Advisory Leadership Team Members Attending: Fumiaki Miyahara, Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)-IFIE/Asia Chapter Chair; Ilker Savuran, Turkish Capital Markets Association (TCMA); Dennis Hsu, TWSA-Taiwan; Myung-soo Sim, Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA-hosting); Kathryn Edmundson, IFIE Secretariat

If you are interested in attending or have questions or want to contribute an agenda item for discussion, please let us know at The full ASF Programme is available here: We will also send a summary of this meeting and additional information to all IFIE/Asia Chapter members in October for those of you who cannot attend.

Second, IFIE/Asia Chapter is sponsoring a webinar Wednesday 9 September 2015 at UTC-GMT 9:00 (Example start times: Istanbul 12:00 EEST; Mumbai 14:30 IST; Kuala Lumpur 17:00 MYT; Seoul 18:00 KST; Tokyo 18:00) to extend the discussion started at the 2015 IFIE-IOSCO Global Investor Education Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia about strengthening anti-fraud messaging and programmes in the FC/IE context. Information and registration can be accessed here.

Third, during our IFIE/Asia Chapter AGM, we noted again our interest in having your involvement and active participation and leadership in work across Asia. Contact us at to share your thoughts on how you wish to be more engaged in IFIE/Asia Chapter activities. We very much want and need your insights on priority activities and programmes--both in person and virtual--to serve FC/IE needs in Asia. By sharing and more strongly networking our diverse expertise and experience, we can build a more powerful and impactful IFIE/Asia Chapter that serves critical priority FC/IE needs in Asia.

We hope to see you in Seoul and we look forward to working with you over the coming year.

Best regards and many thanks,

Fumiaki Miyahara, Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)-IFIE/Asia Chapter Chair and IFIE/Asia Chapter Advisory Leadership Team:

Gopal Krishna Agarwal, Association of National Exchanges Members of India (ANMI);
Ilker Savuran, Turkish Capital Markets Association (TCMA);
Dennis Hsu, TWSA (Taiwan)
Khairul Ridzwan Abdul Kuddus, Securities Commission Malaysia (SC);
Myungsoo Sim, Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA);
Kathryn Edmundson, IFIE Secretariat