2017 IFIE-IOSCO Global Investor Education Conference

Sunday, June 4 2017

09:30  -  11:30 IFIE Advisory Board meeting
12:00  -  13:00 Lunch for IFIE Chapter Meeting Participants and other Conference Global FC/IE Leadership
Lunch and IFIE/Asia Chapter AGM Sponsored by Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)
13:00  -  15:30 IFIE Global-Americas Regional Chapter AGM, Programme and Problem-Solving Meeting

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13:00  -  15:30 IFIE Global-Asia Regional Chapter AGM, Programme and Problem-Solving Meeting

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16:00  -  17:30 IFIE Global Networks Members Meeting – All those attending the Conference are invited

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18:00  -  20:00 Pre-Conference Opening Reception at Rio Othon Palace Hotel Conference Venue
All those attending the Conference and adjacent meetings are welcome to attend

Monday, June 5 2017

09:00  -  10:00 Opening Plenary Session – Welcomes and Remarks
10:00  -  10:15 Break
10:15  -  12:30 Quick Start – Ideas, Trends and What’s New in FC/IE Implementation Work-- Summary Highlights/ Developments in FC/IE Field Around the Globe this past year
New innovations in resource development – Quick Start Case Study – When Core Funding Sources Change and Relaunching IE efforts
- Tyler Fleming, OSC,
Quick Start Case Study Related to New Technologies –Turning Regulation into Action – U.S. SEC Investor Advisory Guidance on Robo-Advisors  
- Lori Schock, U.S. SEC
Risk Education – Risk Profiling Concepts through a Behavioural Finance Lens 
- Robert Stammers, CFA Institute
Insights on Different Demographic Cohorts of Investors – Case Study by ANBIMA on Brazilian investors
- Ana Leoni, ANBIMA
Experiential Learning Techniques – Adult investor and financial services workforce experiential learning – ideas and examples
- Daniel Pfannemuller, B3 
Mobile Delivery of FC/IE programming – Case study/examples of delivering programming to remote areas or in “travelling” contexts 
Kusumaningtuti Soetiono, Indonesia FSA
Using a Website to Integrate Aspects of FC/IE programming
- David Kneebone, IEC Hong Kong
Deepening connections and engagement with economic and market forces for young people and others who are under/unemployed
- Ruth Benjamin-Swales, ASISA
Developments in Anti-Fraud Work
- Gerri Walsh, FINRA/FINRA Foundation
12:30  -  13:30 Buffet Lunch – Networking Opportunity
13:45  -  14:45 Afternoon Session 1: Keynote and Conversation on Fintech/Regtech

• Keynote highlighting/overview of these critical issues and impact on FC/IE work: "The Truth About Your Future"

     - Ric Edelman, HostThe Ric Edelman Show

14:45  -  15:45 Afternoon Session 2: Case study/panel information—addressing needs of 1) an aging demographic and 2) a large cohort of young adults
15:45  -  16:00 Break
16:00  -  17:15 Afternoon Session 3: Focus and Frameworks—FinTech/Regtech and The Changing Nature of Financial Inclusion—Conversation on the Impacts for the Field

     - Douglas Melville, CIFO

     - Paul Andrews, IOSCO, conversant

     - Lawrence Mumina, CMA Kenya, conversant 

17:15  -  17:45 Multi-Media Showcase

     - Cecile de Wit, IOSCO, moderator  

  1. L'Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) - How to Invest Online (France)

  2. Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC) - Letter to My Son

  3. The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) - TVET colleges programme: Hammanskraal College; Saver Waya Waya

  4. The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) - Saver Waya Waya Testimonial

  5. China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) - Dreamcatcher

  6. Investor Education Centre (IEC) Hong Kong - The Chin Family: Taking Out Insurance

  7. Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) - Behind Every Statistic is a Person (Canada)

  8. Israel Securities Authority - Yiddishe Mamas Go To The Market Ep. 12

  9. Israel Securities Authority - Yiddishe Mamas Go To The Market Ep. 13

  10. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - Big Plans

  11. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - Anonymous Fraudster

  12. Commission for Financial Capability - Asking Young people Who Should Pay for Retirement (New Zealand)

  13. Commission for Financial Capability - Managing an Aging Workforce (New Zealand)

  14. Financial Regulatroy Authority (FINRA) - How Are Americans Faring with Their Finances? (USA)

19:00  -  21:00 Evening Networking Reception & Dinner by the famous Forte de Copacabana

Reception and Dinner will be at the Marimbas Club adjacent to the historic Forte de Copacabana at the end of the Copacabana Beach with special views of the surrounding area.  Focus is on networking.  Come catch up with colleagues from past Conferences and meet new ones!

5 june venue

Tuesday, June 6 2017

09:00  -  10:30
Skill and Professional Development Workshop
10:30  -  10:45
10:45  -  12:00

     - Gerri Walsh, FINRA/FINRA Foundation, discussant

     - Janete Nel, ASISA, discussant

     - Suzan Campbell, ASIC (Presentation)

     - Claudia Forte, AEF (Presentation)

12:00  -  13:15
Breakout Session 1
12:00  -  13:15
Breakout Session 2
  • Audience segmenting, engagement and finding solutions for target audience needsThis breakout session is requested by many conferees who are asked to address needs of new or additional audiences and want to know more about how successful practitioners and practice can do so. How do we determine priorities, engage and meet needs of groups not before targeted, and create, build, integrate and sustain programmes?

         - David Kneebone, IEC Hong Kong, co-moderator

         - Arlene Stephen, TTSEC, co-moderator

         - Janete Nel, ASISA, resource

12:00  -  13:15
Breakout Session 3
  • How to/Tips for Setting up and Running a Financial Literacy/Investor Education Day/Week/MonthCome meet and hear more from colleagues who have experience in setting up days, weeks or months in their jurisdictions related to raising awareness about the importance of financial capability and investor education and highlighting various activities or programmes. With IOSCO Committee 8’s announcement of the opportunity for participating in a pilot World Investor Week initiative later in 2017, this is a good time to learn more and share experiences and good ideas.  

         - José Alexandre Cavalcanti Vasco, CVM, co-moderator

         - Gerri Walsh, FINRA/FINRA Foundation, co-moderator
12:00  -  13:15
Breakout Session 4
  • Building, Sustaining and Working With Networks and Partners to Achieve FC/IE GoalsProfessionals in our field tell us repeatedly that developing, extending, sustaining and working with partners and in networks of partners is one of the most difficult parts of the FC/IE agenda.  Working with and within networks is one of the most critical elements of achieving scale and impact especially in a networked world. Join colleagues and experts to share experiences and lessons learned and address some of the challenges you find most difficult as you implement your programmes in a dynamic environment where everyone needs to work together to achieve impact.  

         - Noel Maye, FPSB, co-moderator

         - Robert Stammers, CFA Institute,, co-moderator

         - Ruth Benjamin-Swales, ASISA, resource

         - Ed Weinstein, The Brondesbury Group, resource

13:15  -  14:15
14:30  -  15:45
Implementation Issues to Improve Programming: ROI on Activities, Key Issues in Data Gathering and Usage, and Retaining Learning and Knowledge
15:45  -  16:00
Coffee Break
16:00  -  17:15

      - Leonardo P Gomes Pereira, CVMClosing Remarks      

      - Paul Andrews, IOSCO

      - Lori Schock, U.S. SEC     

      - Koichi Ishikura, JSDA

      - Douglas Melville, CIFO

      - Alparslan Budak, IFIE

      - Kathryn Edmundson, IFIE, moderator


MEDIA: 5 June 2017 Ninth Annual Joint IOSCO-IFIE Conference Kicks Off in Rio

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