31 January 2017

Dear IFIE Member:

Happy New Year! All of us at IFIE -- the Global Advisory Board, IFIE Regional Chapter Leadership and the Secretariat -- look forward to working with you in 2017 to strengthen the resources, tools, networks and knowledge you and your organization have available to meet the challenges of providing effective financial education, financial capability and investor literacy/education programmes.

We want to thank you for your leadership and commitment as we work together to support your efforts. As 2017 begins, we can suggest a number of ways to engage and participate in IFIE initiatives.

First, you should have also received a link to our seventh IFIE Annual State of Investor Education Survey which helps you and your organization understand benchmarks and trends in the field. Please complete the IFIE survey if you have not already done so; we will send you a copy of the results and analysis in early March. The survey can be found here.  While we view the annual survey as an important benchmarking tool, if you have ideas for IFIE's work-streams in 2017, please let us know by emailing us at secretariat@ifie.org. We want to hear from you.

Second, we hope to understand and help you with priority FC/IE strategies, opportunities and initiatives in your country. We will send you a request for updated profile information and at all times we encourage you to tell us about your needs and priorities at secretariat@ifie.org.   

Third, we are restarting a combined IFIE global and regional Chapter network e-newsletter in 2017 and invite you to share more of your activities and efforts with us at secretariat@ifie.org. Please also add us to your distribution lists so we don’t miss anything.   

Fourth, IFIE will offer you a number of global and regionally oriented webinars and webcasts in 2017.  The feedback on those we offered in 2016 was extremely positive. You can review presentations, audio recording, translation (if any) and additional resources here. Please let us know if you have suggested topics for these events at secretariat@ifie.org.   

Fifth, if you are not participating in a regional IFIE Chapter as well as with the global IFIE network please consider joining us. Another level of connectivity, problem solving, networking and programming at IFIE comes from joining these regional groups.

Sixth, looking ahead this year, you should have already received a Hold the Date notice to attend the 2017 IFIE-IOSCO Global Investor Education Conference from June 4-6, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, hosted by ANBIMA. We plan to send additional conference and other meeting registration details in the coming weeks. Those of you who attended the 2016 IFIE-IOSCO Global Investor Education Conference in Istanbul or the 2015 Conference in Kuala Lumpur know this is the annual opportunity to discuss critical issues with other world-wide leaders in the FC/IE field. The IFIE Annual Members and IFIE Chapter AGM meetings will be held on 4 June 2017. We hope that you can join us for this week of important, agenda-setting events.

These are just a few examples of our 2017 efforts that are already available to you. We all know that we have much more to do and we would like to encourage all of you as FC/IE leaders to become more involved in building IFIE to strengthen and lead FC/IE efforts globally.

On behalf of the IFIE Board and Secretariat, thank you for your leadership and commitment to IFIE's mission to strengthen FC/IE resources worldwide. We look forward to working with you in 2017 and to your participation in our programming, working groups, surveys and other activities. All of us in the IFIE leadership look forward to seeing you personally in Rio de Janeiro in June.

Best regards,

Alparslan Budak

Fumiaki Miyahara
Vice Chair

Ana Leoni

Kathryn Edmundson
Executive Director, IFIE Secretariat